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Five Essential Releases from Jah-Monte Ogbon: A blog around the best albums from a dope artist

Much of our time is spent researching and wading through all the new songs we come across daily. Sometimes we like what we hear, sometimes we don’t. It’s no surprise that these discoveries are sometimes found within an artist’s previous work. Let us recommend to you five essential releases from Jah-Monte Ogbon.

  1. Alkaline Water Vol​.​1 (Prod x ElToro)

Mixing a potent cocktail of nostalgia, aggression and humor, Alkaline Water never feels beholden to sounds of the moment. On the contrary, Jah Monte impresses with each new offering by staying true to his own vision and making it his own. ’I’m not worried about balancing on a bandwagon or chasing popularity’ he says matter of factly.

2. Jewelry Rap (RIP NARDY) Prod x FLLS

It’s their chemistry that makes the album sparkle like this. With producer Lavonte Hines aka FLLS at the controls, creating beat after beat, and Jah-Monte improvising, switching style on a dime, you’re immediately captivated by how aware both men are of the other’s strengths – and how one feeds off it.


Jah-Monte is one of the finest lyricists in the country. Like a verbal Banksy, his words burst with an incendiary combination of social commentary, personal observation, and razor-sharp wordplay. God Body & Soul is a momentous album, the work of a genius who has used his time on earth to perfect his craft and hone his message. Listen to it and witness a man at the peak of his powers.


It’s with "Infinite Wisdom" that Jah-Monte Ogbon has reached a previously unfathomed place in his evolution, where he could call on the production talents of everyone in his camp, and still find room for a handful of external producers to assist. It’s a statement of unadulterated belief in himself and in his art, and it shows up from the jump.


Here, we see Mr. Ogbon flex his Pitchfork placements in a contemplative manner over a gorgeous beats courtesy of DFNS, Dre Mendoza, Mike Digi, etc. His ability to skillfully spit over beats is unrivaled, and he does so with confidence and ferocity.

Jah-Monte is the truth.

Jah-Monte Ogbon is a talented Hip-Hop artist and CEO of Jewelry Rap Productions. With his style comes a different kind of hip-hop swagger. He puts the art back in rap and MC'ing back into music. Jah-Montes unique sound ranges from the grittiness of the streets to socially conscious lyrics over hard hitting beats.  His music speaks for itself. His lyrics are humorous, witty, thought provoking and socially conscious. He is passionate about his craft and cares deeply about his fans. His talent and vision for the future are inspiring. We truly believe that Jah-Monte is going to be a household name in the very near future.

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