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Fashion That you Didn't Think was Possible Meet ChrisCentric

This is the start of a new blog series called """"Fast Fashion Warning Signal."""" My goal is to get you to start thinking about how your purchases affect the world around you. I get that you want to look good, and feel good. But in the process you might be contributing to forced labor, environmental destruction and animal exploitation. """"To be a truly mindful consumer, you have to be willing to confront the brands that are profiting from fashions that cause cruelty,"""" says Chriscentric, Environmental Activist and clothing recycler.

The Haitain born US raised ChrisCentric, is a content creator, environmentally friendly fashion designer, entrepreneur and the CEO of CentricStyles, a fashion brand that upcycles and sells vintage clothing. She is creative, smart, and fashionable. As a content creator many of her videos are showing how people can recycle unwanted clothing, and household fabrics into unique and

creative pieces of clothing. The environmentally conscious fashion guru, DIY upcycling queen, and thrifting expert had this to say,

While fast fashion has its place in the fashion world, it also has a harmful impact on the environment and our bodies. It’s inexpensive and readily available. We buy these products because we think they look cool or are cheap. We don't think through the carbon footprint that these items create when we recycle them or wear them once and throw them away. Fast fashion is not sustainable because corporations have a financial interest in prolonging this technology because it increases profits.

As a way to combat this problem, ChrisCentric decided to turn old clothing and unwanted household items into fabulous new creations that are both functional and fashionable.

Her goal is to upcycle as much as possible until it's at its finest quality, thereby creating unique fashion accessories and a fun style.

She is full of life and energy. ChrisCentric is a woman of many talents who loves to share what she has learned. She often creates videos to teach people how to use their old clothing and make something completely different, yet stunning! While many of her videos have reached over 1 million views on TikTok! She hopes her viewers will take inspiration from her projects and try making something themselves!

The content she creates is unique, useful, fun, and easy to follow along to. Her videos are of quality and very edutaining! I admire her passion for teaching people how to have a hands-on experience with fashion and use their imagination to make things unique.

I'm so grateful for your passion, faith and love for your craft! You're an inspiration more than you know.

I am truly grateful for this opportunity to write this article about you. Thank you for sharing your creative talents with the world.

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